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LS-DYNA version R7 provides a highly accurate compressible CFD solver for supersonic shock wave capturing and FSI.

LS-DYNA offers cutting-edge technologies, both Implicit and Explicit, for the accurate solution of complex processes.  LS-DYNA's MPP capabilities provide scalability on clusters for fast turnaround.

LS-DYNA version R7 has an electromagnetism solver capable of coupling electromagnetic fields to mechanical, thermal and fluid solvers.

LS-DYNA version R7 provides an incompressible CFD solver for strong fluid-structure coupling, conjugate heat transfer and turbulent flows.

LS-DYNA provides highly scalable solutions to transient problems.

LS-DYNA Conference

15th LS-DYNA International Conference and 15th LS-DYNA Users Meeting

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LS-OPT is a graphical optimization tool that tightly interfaces with LS-DYNA.

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LSTC FE Models

LSTC offers a full suite of validated dummy and barrier models.

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The current release of LS-DYNA includes multiphysics solvers (CFD, Electro­magnetics).

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