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Available documentation for the Electromagnetism solver includes :

Some papers and publications about the EM solver :

  • A BEM method for Electromagnetics in complex 3D geometries (preprint, presented at "BEM/MRM 38" conference) : link
  • Introduction of an Electromagnetism Module in LS-DYNA for Coupled Mechanical Thermal Electromagnetic Simulations : link
  • Recent developments in the Electromagnetic Module : a new 2D axi-symmetric EM solver : link
  • A Finite Element Investigation into the Continuous Induction Welding of Dissimilar Material Joints: link
  • Coupling of the EM Solver with Mechanical and Thermal Shell Elements: link
  • A Simple Weak-Field Coupling Benchmark Test of the Electromagnetic-Thermal-Structural Solution Capabilities of LS-DYNA Using Parallel Current Wires: link
  • Numerical Simulations to Investigate the Efficiency of Joint Designs for the Electro-Magnetic Welding (EMW) of the Ring-shaft Assembly: link
  • Coupled Multiphysics analysis involving Electromagnetism (EM), Incompressible CFD (ICFD) and solid mechanics thermal solver for conjugate heat transfer problem solving: link
  • Investigation of the Effects of the Coil Design on Electro-Magnetic Forming of a Thin-Walled Aluminum Tubular Material: link
  • Validation Process of the Electromagnetism (EM) solver in LS-DYNA® : The TEAM problems: link
  • Simulation of a Railgun: A contribution to the validation of the Electromagnetism module in LS-DYNA® : link
  • New Electrode Design for GEPI Shot to Test Curved Sample: link
  • An MPP Version of the Electromagnetism Module in LS-DYNA® for 3D Coupled Mechanical-Thermal-Electromagnetic Simulations: link
  • Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study of Electromagnetic Forming: link
  • Comparison Between Experimental and Numerical Results of Electromagnetic Forming Processes: link
  • Material Constitutive Parameter Identification using an Electromagnetic Ring Expansion Experiment Coupled with LS-DYNA® and LS-OPT®: link
  • Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic forming process using a combination of BEM and FEM : link