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Industrial/Academic test cases

Along with the progressive development of the Electromagnetism solver, several test cases were built in order to check the physical behavior and coherence of some of the output parameters. As the solver matures, the next step now would to regroup these cases in this section for documentation and tracking purposes. These test cases can either be considered as academic when their aim is to capture an analytical result or industrial when the test case illustrates an application of the solver that can be used to solve complex industrial issues. This list is of course only a small sample of the tests and applications that have already been successfully conducted using the Electromagnetism solver and more test cases will be added as the solver keeps being developed and improved.

One of the consequences of modeling Eddy current is the diffusion of the magnetic field through the conductors. This test case verifies this phenomenon through a non-moving linear circuit where the current is imposed and constant (Read more).

The Coaxial cable, or coax, is an electrical cable with an inner conductor surrounded by a flexible, tubular insulating layer (Dielectric), surrounded by a outer conductor. In this test case, the inductance caused by the magnetic field generated in the dielectric by the electric currents will be studied (Read more).
A major industrial application of the present solver is magnetic pulse welding (MPW). Experimental measurements were conducted at the Ohio State University on a test case in order to compare and validate the solver's capacity to transmit induced currents (Read more).
Railguns are of intense interest to the Navy, offering the potential for reduced logistic burden, less liability and better accuracy. The objective of this test case is to validate LS-DYNA's abilities at simulating electromagnetic contact and to determine whether previously established analytical models can be improved (Read more).