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Mesh refinement & adaptive meshing tools

Several tools are provided for local refinement of the volume mesh in order to better capture mesh sensitive phenomenons such as turbulent eddies or boundary layer separation-reattachment. During the geometry set up, the user can define surfaces that will be used by the mesher to specify a local mesh size inside the volume. If no internal mesh is used to specify the size, the mesher will use a linear interpolation of the surface sizes that define the volume enclosure.
It is also possible to specify several anisotropic elements to be added to the boundary layer in order to better represent close-to-the-wall effects.
Another possibility would be to activate the adaptive mesh refinement feature. The solver will use an a-posteriori error estimator to compute a new mesh size bounded by the user to satisfy a maximum perceptual global error. This would simplify mesh generation while providing accurate results.

Adaptive mesh refinement