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Download/Order LSTC Product Manuals

Manuals for LSTC sofware products are available for download through links on this page. Some manuals are for products which are no longer supported; others are for the most up-to-date versions of LSTC software.

Printed Manuals

LSTC offers hard-copy versions of a few current manuals.
These may be purchased directly through LSTC.

Titles Int'l U.S
971 Keyword  $275 $175
LS-OPT $140 $ 70
2016 - 14th Int'l Conf. Proceeding          $100 $50

To purchase manuals contact .

Latest DRAFT Versions of LS-DYNA Manuals

LS-DYNA Manuals

LS-PrePost Manuals

LS-OPT Manuals

LS-TaSC Manual

LSTC License Manager Software