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Page 1: FLD (Forming Limit Results)

  • fld panel
  • Figure 1 - FLD Interface

Purpose: This interface is used for metal forming analyses. An example of the correct format to use when loading an external FLD data file is shown below. The second line ("8" in the example) should be set equal to the number of coordinate pairs that follow (one pair per line).

  • FLD - Material MatName
  • 8
  • -0.3 0.909
  • -0.2 0.666
  • -0.1 0.475
  • 0.0 0.357
  • 0.1 0.440
  • 0.2 0.493
  • 0.3 0.523
  • 0.4 0.547

The default FLD data found in the Configuration File can be over-riden by importing a file through File → Open → FLD Curve or by clicking the Browse button.


  • t: Enter sheet thickness in mm
  • n: Enter FLD crit. formula index
 Apply the new t and n values

  • rb t_n - Set thickness and index of FLD curve
  • rbs File - Read thickness and index of FLD curve from file

  • FLD Data File list: Select FLD data file

  • rbs Point - Select an item for point on FLD plot
  • rb Tracer -Select an item for tracer on FLD plot
  • cbc FLD E'Strain - Toggle FLD Strain (Engineering/True)

  • rbs Material - Select a material for FLD plot
  • rb Element - Select an element for FLD plot
  • rb Area - Define an area for FLD plot
  • rb Polygon - Define a region for FLD plot
  • rb In - Select entities within the area/polygon
  • rb Out - Select entities outside the area/polygon

 Clear information in popup windows
 Open/close FLD information dialog
 Open Formability Diagram dialog (see Figure 2)

  • Strain results for last element picked (1)

  • Position: Select shell surface for FLD results

 Plot FLD diagram in current XY-Plot window
 Plot FLD diagram data in a new XY-Plot window
 Add data to FLD diagram in current XY-Plot window
 Clear picked entities
 Raise all open XY-Plot windows
 Open and Raise all closed XY-Plot windows
 Exit Forming Limit Result interface

  • formability window
  • Figure 2 - Formability Diagram Popup

  • Limit % FLC: Enter % limit of Forming Limit Curve
  • Safety margin % FLC: Enter safety margin percentage from Forming Limit Curve
  • Allowable thinning: Enter level of acceptable thinning
  • Essential thinning: Enter required amount of thinning
  • Allowable thickening: Enter acceptable amount of thickening
  • R-value: Enter material R-value

  • cbc Cracks - Show crack region
  • cb Risk of cracks - Show risk of cracks region
  • cb Severe thinning - Show excessive thinning region
  • cb Inadequate stretch - Show lack of stretch region

  • cbc Wrinkling tendency - Show tendency to wrinkle region
  • cb Wrinkles -Show wrinkled region

 Close Formability Diagram dialog

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