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Page 1: Ident (Identify)

  • ident panel
  • Figure 1 - Ident Interface

Purpose: Use this interface to display the ID for any node/element/part/curve/surface in the model. The General Selection Interface is used for entity selection.


  • rb Node - Identify nodes
  • rbs Element - Identify elements
  • rb Part - Identify parts
  • rb Curve - Identify curves
  • rb Surface - Identify surfaces
  • rb Particle - Identify particles

  • rb Shell - Select shell element
  • rb Solid - Select solid element
  • rb Beam - Select beam element
  • rb Tshel - Select tshell element
  • rb SPH - Select SPH element
  • rb Mass - Select mass element
  • rb Disc. - Select discrete element
  • rb Seat. - Select seatbelt element
  • rb Iner. - Select inertia element
  • rbs AnyE - Select any element

  • Key in xyz coord: Enter XYZ coordinates to be highlighted (separate each value with a comma or space)

  • cb Show Results - Show Fringe Component results in Command Window
  • cb Elem Dir - Show element N1->N2 direction
  • cb Mat Dir - Show element material direction
  • cb Show Popup - Show info in popup window
  • cb No ID - Do not show ID on picked elements
  • cb AirbagRG - Show airbag reference geometry
  • cbc Echo - Turn on/off echo of identified items in message dialog

Clear Node
 Clear all identified nodes
Clear Elem
 Clear all identified elements
Clear Part
 Clear all identified parts
Clear All
 Clear all identified entities
 Exit Identify Node/Element/Part interface

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