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Page 1: Vector

  • vector panel
  • Figure 1 - Vector Interface

Purpose: This interface is used to display normal vectors for any element in the model.


  • Select Vector Type: Choose from list
  • (Shell Normal / Displacement / Velocity / Prin. Stress / Prin Strain / P. Inplane Strain / Heat Flux)

  • cbc X - Toggle X component of vector
  • cb Y - Toggle Y component of vector
  • cb Z - Toggle Z component of vector

  • Vector Range: Enter minimum and maximum values for vector range
  • (Press enter to accept values)

  • rbs Dynamic - A set of min/max ranges is computed for each time state
  • rb Static - A constant min/max range is computed using all time states
  • rb User - Range set by user, enter min/max values above
  • rb Show - Shows elements within the range entered above

  • SF: Enter scale factor for vector plot
  • cbc Hidden line vector off - Switch off hidden line for vectors
  • (If a vector is behind part of the model it will not be shown, check this option to display the vector)

  • rbs Whole - Apply vector plot to whole model
  • rb Part - Pick parts for vector plot
  • rb Area - Define an area for vector plot
  • rb El/Node - Pick an element or node for vector plot

 Apply vector plot
 Clear vector plot
 Exit Vector Plot interface

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