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Page 2: Offset (Offset Model)

  • offset panel
  • Figure 1 - Offset Interface

Purpose: This interface can be used to offset elements along average shell normals. The Copy Elements option will make a copy of the offset elements and retain the original elements in their initial state. Shell element normals for the selected elements are required to be consistent (shell normals can be checked and corrected using the Normals Interface on Page 2).

This interface has variety of applications such as creating a punch part from a die in metal forming. Often shell parts are not meshed at their proper mid-surface. This can result in initial penetration conditions with adjacent parts. Offsetting shells provides a method of resolving such conflicts without having to remesh the part from scratch.


  • Offset Distance: Enter amount of offset
  • CurvS: Curvature sensitive value (0.92 to 0.9999)

Offset -
 Offset shell in negative normal direction
Offset +
 Offset shell in positive normal direction
 Accept the offset operation
 Reject the offset operation
 Exit offset interface

  • cbc Copy Elem - Copy elements while offsetting the model
  • cb Transfer - Transfer selection to newly copied elements
  • No. of Copies: Enter no of copies to be created

  • cb PickPart - Pick target part from drawing area
 Popup ID table for selection

  • Starting EID: Enter starting element ID
  • Starting NID: Enter starting node ID

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