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Page 1: Explod (Explode Parts)

  • explod panel
  • Figure 1 - Explod Interface

Purpose: This interface is used to explode/separate parts so that they can be viewed more easily. The amount of explosion can be varied by changing the factor or entering a factor in the text widget for Factor. By default the exploding of view is done in x, y, and z axes. This can be changed to only x, y, z, xy, yz, or zx directions. Exploding by default is applied to all parts. This can be limited to selected parts or a group of parts. Part groups will be listed under Part Groups list if groups have been defined already. Groups can be defined using the Group Interface on Page 1. Exploded display settings will be retained upon exiting the Explod interface unless cleared by Reset.


  • Factor: Enter/Select an explode scale factor
  • Directions: Select directions to explode model

  • cbc Move – Move exploded parts using mouse pointer
  • rbs All – Move /explode all parts
  • rb Part – Move/explode picked parts only
  • rb PtGroup – Move/explode part groups only

  • Part Groups List: Select part group from list (1)

 Explode selected parts
 Clear picked parts and list selections
 Reset model
 Exit Explode Parts interface

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