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Page 5: DrawB

  • drawb panel
  • Figure 1 - DrawB Interface

Purpose: This interface is for metal forming. It allows display, creation, modification, and deletion of draw beads. Drawbeads are generally created on dies to control the draw of the work piece. The inputs for creating drawbeads are generally curves from a die design group. Alternately the input can be a node set or a beam part. These node sets and beam parts are generally created using other facilities in LS-PrePost. Given the geometry of the drawbead, die part, and the blank information, this interface creates a contact definition for the drawbead in the form of a *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD keyword card.


  • rbs Show - Show existing *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD entities
  • rb Modify - Modify existing *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD entities
  • rb Create - Create new *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD entities
  • rb Delete - Delete existing *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD entities

For Show, Modify, Create, and Delete, the Entity Operation Interface is displayed in the secondary controls area.

  • SSTYPE: Set current slave set ID type

  • cbc Pick (NSet / Curve / PBeam) - Select Slave Set
  • cb Pick MSID - Select Master Set
  • cb Pick DieID - Select Die
  • cb Pick BoxID - Select Box
  • cb Create - Create box by picking nodes

 Create new box and put ID to next field
  • RestF: Enter restraining force
  • OpenF: Enter opening force
  • FS: Enter friction force

  • LCIDRF: Enter LCIDRF value
  • LCIDNF: Enter LCIDNF value
  • Depth: Enter drawbead depth value

  • Show: Set current entity label type

 Select all *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD entities
 Deselect all *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD entities
 Reverse selection *CONTACT_DRAWBEAD entities
 Select all entities within the selected range
 Apply entries for creation/modification
 Cancel this modification or selection
 Exit drawbead data interface

  • Click item from list to select (1)

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