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Tutorial 16: Page 4

  • fig7
  • Figure 7
  • 4. Project Edges
  • select rbs Project at the top of the BlockM Interface
  • select rbs Line (see Figure 7)

  • select an edge in the BlockM Computation Window
  • select the corresponding edge in the graphics viewport
  • click Project
  • repeat for all 12 edges (see Figure 8)

  • note 1: If you have trouble selecting edges in the BlockM Computation Window, first click once to select a nearby corner. Then click and drag along the edge until it becomes highlighted.

  • note 2: If nothing happens after clicking Project, click Clear in the bottom panel, and then reselect the appropriate edge from the graphics viewport.

  • for a partial animation of these steps, Click Here (launches pop-up window)
  • or to download this animation, Click Here

  • fig8
  • Figure 8

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