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LS-PrePost is an advanced pre and post-processor that is delivered free with LS-DYNA. The user interface is designed to be both efficient and intuitive. LS-PrePost runs on Windows, Linux, and Macs utilizing OpenGL graphics to achieve fast rendering and XY plotting. The latest builds can be downloaded from LSTC's FTP Site.

Core Functionality

  • Geometry creation and meshing
    • All new CAD engine in LS-PrePost 3
  • Comprehensive LS-DYNA keyword support
  • LS-DYNA model visualization
  • LS-DYNA model editing
    • With interactive keyword creation
  • Advanced post-processing

Suggested Links

Post-processing Features

  • D3PLOT Animation
  • Eigen Mode Animation
  • BINOUT Processing
  • DYNAIN Generation
  • Section Analysis
  • Fringe Plotting
  • ASCII Plotting
  • Time History Plotting
  • Particle Visualization
  • Fluid Visualization

Pre-processing Features

  • Meshing Tools
    • Surface Meshing
    • Solid Meshing
    • Tool Meshing
    • 2D Meshing
    • Tet Meshing
    • Block Meshing
    • Mesh Morphing
  • Special Applications
    • Metal Forming
    • Roller Hemming
    • Airbag Folding
    • Dummy Positioning
    • Seatbelt Fitting
    • Penetration Checking
    • Model Checking