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toggle menu

A check mark indiates that an item is on/active.

  • Local axes - Toggle between global/local
  • Smooth Fringe Color - Enable smoothing of contours (applicable only when in fringe mode)
  • Twosided Lighting - Toggle between onesided/twosided
  • FringeLight - Enable lighting effects (applicable only when in fringe mode)
  • Outlining edge - Toggle between off/edge line/feature line
  • Keep Zout Orient - Maintain orientation when zooming out
  • Highlight - Toggle highlighting on/off (when entities are selected using the Find or Ident interfaces)
  • ResultOnScreen - Display results on screen when Show Results is active in the Ident interface (applicable only when in fringe mode)
  • Smooth Shade - Toggle between flat/smooth
  • Outline white - Toggle between black/white
  • Show Deleted Nodes - Display deleted nodes when viewing LS-DYNA results
  • Record Message - Write command window messages to lspost.msg
  • Beam Prism - Toggle between line/prism
  • Deleted Elements - Display deleted elements when viewing LS-DYNA results
  • Del Elem only - Display deleted (eroded) elements only when viewing LS-DYNA results
  • Fluid Outer Faces - Display fluid outer faces
  • Record Orient Cmd - Write orientation commands to lspost.cfile

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