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Animation Controls

Purpose: The animation interface is mostly for controlling animation of deformed shapes. The most common use is in post-processing deformed shapes from various binary files like d3plot, d3drlf, d3idd files resulting from LS-DYNA solutions. This interface is also used for animating mode shapes from eigen-value analysis. Upon loading d3eigv file LS-PrePost will automatically make SF text widget and No. of Div available to the user. SF is a scale factor often used to magnify displacements from linear and eigenvalue analysis. Number of Division is for sub-dividing eigen-vectors from eigenvalue analysis to produce an animation of mode shapes.

animation controls


  • cbc BDC - Toggle Bottom Dead Center measurement on/off

  • First: Enter initial state to display
  • Last: Enter final state to display
  • Inc: Enter number of states to increment per displayed frame
  • mius
  • 1 step
  • back
  • reverse
  • play
  • back
  • stop
  • stop
  • forward
  • play
  • ahead
  • cylce
  • cycle
  • for/rev
  • plus
  • 1 step
  • ahead
  • pause
  • pause
  • time adjust
  • adjust
  • time
  • speed adjust
  • adjust
  • speed
  • SF: Displacement scale factor
  • Time: Time of current state

  • State #: Enter state number to display
  • No. of Div: Number of divisions

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