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XY Plotting

  • xyplot window
  • Figure 1 - XYPlot Interface

  • Left and Right Menus (Common)
  • right menu
  • Right Menu
  • left menu
  • Figure 2 - Left Menu
 Select all curves in the list
 Reverse curve selection
 Clear curve selection
 Remove selected curve from list

  • cbc Grid - Add/remove grid lines in XY-Plot window
  • cbc Tick - Add/remove tick marks in XY-Plot window
  • cbc Frame - Add/remove frame in XY-Plot window
  • cbc Legend - Add/remove legend in XY-Plot window
  • cbc Autofit - Toggle Automatically Fit data in XY-Plot window (on/off)
  • cb Timeline - Toggle time line in XY-Plot window
  • cb Invert - Invert background color in XY-Plot window
  • cb Maxgraph - Use all of XY-Plot window to display data
  • cb MinMax - Add/remove min/max label in XY-Plot window
 This function has been deprecated.Edit XY-Plot Data
 Set and change titles/axis labels
  • title menu
  • Figure 4 - XYPlot Title
  • Plot Title: Input plot title

  • X-Axis label: Input x-axis label
  • Y-Axis label: Input y-axis label

  • cbc Modify Curve Legend - Modify name in legend

  • Legend Title: Input legend title
 Set and change offset/scale of curves
  • scale menu
  • Figure 5 - XYPlot Scale
  • Xmin: Input min value for x-axis
  • Xmax: Input max value for x-axis
  • Ymin: Input min value for y-axis
  • Ymax: Input max value for y-axis
  • Axes: Select logarithmic/linear scale

  • X-offset: Input offset value for X-axis
  • Y-offset: Input offset value for Y-axis
  • X-scale: X axis scale factor
  • Y-scale: Y axis scale factor
 Change attributes of XY-Plot
  • attr menu
  • Figure 6 - XYPlot Attr
  • Pts/Sym: Input # of points per symbol
  • cbc Join symbols with line - Toggle lines between symbols

  • Symbol: Select symbol style
  • Color: Select curve and symbol color
  • Width: Select line width
  • Style: Select line style

 Apply individual changes
 Reset individual changes
 Set curve filtering
  • filter menu
  • Figure 7 - XYPlot Filter
  • Filter: Select filter to apply

  • Time: Select time units

  • C/s(Hz): Select/Enter frequency

  • Point Average: Select number of points to average
  • (example, PA=3: avg of ordinate values taken every
  • 3 points, and all 3 points are given the avg value)
 Open print dialog
  • See Print Dialog information under the File Menu
 Write XY-Plot data to a file
  • save menu
  • Figure 8 - XYPlot Save
  • Output Type: Select data output type
  • Output Interval: Select/Enter # of time steps between outputs

  • Pathname: Enter path to file save location
  • Filename: Enter filename

 Browse to select file save location

 Write XY-Plot data to given filename
 Load XY-Plot data from a file
  • load menu
  • Figure 9 - XYPlot Load
  • Filename list: Select file to show stored data (1)

Add File
 Add a file to the filename list
Remove File
 Remove a file from the filename list

 Open selected data files
 Process XY-Plot data
  • oper menu
  • Figure 10 - XYPlot Oper
  • Operations List: Select operation to apply

  • cbc Curve 1 - Pick/Enter first curve for operation
  • cb Curve 2 - Pick/Enter second curve for operation
  • cb Curve 3 - Pick/Enter third curve for operation

  • Time Units: Select/Enter HIC time units
  • Gravity Constants: Select/Enter HIC gravity constants

Save Result:
 Save resultant curve as XYPlot data file

  • Note: Fast Fourier Transforms will be performed only on data visible in the plot window, so zooming in will effect the results. (this applies to the "fft" and "fft_radix" operations)
 Hide buttons (click in window and hit Esc to restore)
 Close the plot window
 Close and delete plot window from the memory

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