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1. Post-Processing Tools The interfaces found on this page are for general model manipulation and post processing.

2. Pre & Post-Processing The first four interfaces are for post processing, while the others are for pre processing. The pre processing capabilities include model operations like transform, translate, reflect, rotate, project and scale. Soon to be implemented will be element creation and error checking.

3. Keyword File Editing Provides viewing and editing tools for all LS-DYNA keyword cards. If LS-PrePost is started without loading any keyword files, all buttons on page3 and page 4 will be shown with black text. If a model is loaded into LS-PrePost, some buttons on page3 and page4 will be shown with blue text. Blue button text is intended to give the user an convenient overview of the data types present in the loaded model. Upon creating new data type that did not exist in the model, the letter color in the respective button will change from black to blue.

4. Keyword File Editing See description for Page 3.

5. Pre-Processing Tools The interfaces on this page are all pre processing tools, including airbag folding, dummy manipulation and positioning and entity generation. Although entities can be generated on page 3, the interfaces on this page allow the user to use the drawing area to visualize entities while working on them.

6. Entity Operations

7. Pre-Processing Tools

D. Entity Display Interfaces Use this interface to display entities that are present in the current keyword file.

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