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 Plot time history of CFD data
 Browse, display, and compare data stored in binary output files
 Interact with an manage sub-systems
 Renumber IDs of model entities
 Create beam, shell, and solid elements
 Show, create, delete, and modify nodes and elements
 Move, copy, and organize elements
 Transform model entities between coordinate systems
 Translate model entities in global and local coordiante systems

 Interface for circular grid analysis technique
 Interface for metal forming skid mark tracing
 Measure part to part distance and perform auto-positioning
 Identify unreferenced, undefined, or attached entities
 Sever attachements between adjacent nodes and elements
 Create, modify, and delete line/curves (also on Page 7)
 Identify and remove duplicate nodes
 Reflect model entities with option to copy
 Rotate model entities with option to copy

 Turn 3D stereo graphics on or off
 Measure volume of fluid occupying a control volume
 Trim meshed parts with curves
 Manage material data as separate files/entities
 Offset shell mesh in direction of normals
 Visualize and modify element normals
 Project elements to a plane
 Geometrically scale model entities

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