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 Define an airbag or control volume
 Define Arbitrary-Lagrangian-Eulerian inputs
 Define imposed motions on boundary nodes
 Constrain degrees of freedom to move together in some way
 Incorporate specialized components (such as HYBRIDIII dummies)
 Treat interaction be between disjoint parts
 Activate or change default solution options
 Define deformable to rigid transformations
 Specify damping over a range of frequencies

 Request output files containing results information
 Define boxes, coordinate systems, load curves, tables, and vectors
 Define various types of finite elements
 Reference equations of state by type identifiers
 Define hourglass and bulk viscosity properties
 Initialize velocities and detonation points
 Define through the thickness integration rules for beam element
 Define an interface for linking calculations
 Define applied forces

 Define materials by type identifiers
 Define nodes and their coordinates in the global coordinate system
 Define values for parameters referenced throughout the input file
 Define parts (material, section prop, hourglass type, etc...)
 Treat contact between a rigid surface and slave nodes
 Define sections (element form, integration rule, thickness, etc...)
 Define groups of nodes, parts, elements, and segments
 Stop the calculation before the termination time is reached
 Define custom input and allocate storage for custom subroutines

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