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Tutorial 13: Page 1

  • fig1
  • Figure 1
  • 1. Run the bracket model using LS-DYNA explicit
  • create a directory called "explicit" for "bracket_explicit.k"
  • run "bracket_explicit.k" using single precision LS-DYNA

  • launch LS-PrePost

  • File → Open → Binary Plot
  • open "\explicit\d3plot"

  • hold the Ctrl key and use the left mouse button to rotate the model to a suitable viewing angle
  • click Bcolr render button
  • click Mesh render button

  • go to Page 1: Fcomp
  • select "von mises stress" from the list (see Figure 1)
  • click the Play Ahead (Animate Forward) button in the bottom panel
  • note the stress contour that develops due to the prescribed displacement load (see Figure 2)

  • fig2
  • Figure 2

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