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Tutorial 15: Page 1

  • 1. Load d3plots and animate results
  • create a directory called "run1" for "bouncing_ball1.k"
  • open "\run1\bouncing_ball1.k" in a text editor
  • on *INITIAL_VELOCITY change VY from 8.0E+3 to -8.0E+3
  • save as "\run2\bouncing_ball2.k"
  • run "bouncing_ball1.k" and "bouncing_ball2.k" using LS-DYNA

  • launch LS-PrePost
  • File → Open → Binary Plot
  • open "\run1\d3plot"

  • click Bcolr render button
  • click Mesh render button
  • click the Play (Animate Forward) button in the bottom panel

  • fig1
  • Figure 1

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