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Tutorial 9: Page 1

  • 1. Open crash model results
  • launch LS-PrePost after running "belted.k" using LS-DYNA

  • File → Open → Binary Plot
  • open d3plot

  • click Bcolr render button
  • click Left render button
  • click Hide render button

  • go to Page 1: Ident (for more details see Tutorial 7)
  • enter Key in ID=1,1787
  • press Enter on keyboard (see Figure 1)

notes: The Head Injury Criterion (HIC) calculation in this tutorial will be based on accelerometer node ID 1. The Chest Severity Index (CSI) calculation will be based on accelerometer node ID 1787. Computation of both parameters requires acceleration data generally output in the NODOUT file.

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  • Figure 1

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