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New Features - Metal Forming

Met­al Form­ing New Fea­tures

1-1 A Cus­tomized Job Man­ag­er for Met­al Form­ing Sim­u­la­tions
        Y.  Xi­ao, X.  Zhu, L. Zhang, H. Fan
1-2 Con­ver­sion be­tween FLD and Stress Tri­ax­i­al Lim­it Curve
           X.  Zhu, L. Zhang, Y. Xi­ao
1-3 Best Fit GUI for Met­al Form­ing in LS-Pre­Post® 4.5
        Q. Yan, X. Zhu, P. Ho, L. Zhang, Y.  Xi­ao
1-4 Im­prove­ment of Sand­wich Struc­ture Part Adap­tiv­i­ty in LS-DY­NA
           X.  Zhu, H. Fan, L. Zhang and Y.  Xi­ao
1-5 Defin­ing Hard­en­ing Curve in LS-DY­NA® 
         X. Zhu, L. Zhang, Yuzhong  Xi­ao
1-6 Lanc­ing fea­tures in LS-DY­NA
          Q. Yan, L. Zhang, Y. Xi­ao, X. Zhu, P. Ho
1-7 Im­prove­ments to One-Step Sim­u­la­tion in LS-DY­NA,
         X. Zhu, H. Fan, L. Zhang, Y. Xi­ao
 1-8  Re­cent im­prove­ments in LS-DY­NA® hot stamp­ing sim­u­la­tions
             J. Zheng, X. Zhu and H. Fan
1-9  Im­prove Time Step Size Sen­si­tiv­i­ty in Tran­sient Me­chan­i­cal
       J. Zheng and X. Zhu
 1-10 In­tro­duc­ing *BOUND­ARY_­SPC_­SYM­ME­TRY_­PLANE (SET)
           X. Zhu, L., and Y. Xi­ao
1-11  On Mesh Fu­sion Scheme in LS-DY­NA®
         N. Ma, Os­a­ka Univ - H. Fan & X. Zhu, LSTC
1-12. A One Step Sim­u­la­tion Ap­proach Us­ing Iso­ge­o­met­ric Shells in LS-DY­NA
              L. Li, X. Zhu  
1-13. De­vel­op­ment of a One-Step Pre­form­ing Analy­sis for Wo­ven Car­bon Fiber Com­pos­ites
       D. Zeng, X.  Zhu,  L. Zhang,  J. Dahl   
1-14.  Two ma­te­r­i­al mod­el up­dates re­lat­ing to tem­per­a­ture-de­pen­dent be­hav­iors 
           J. Zheng, X. Zhu