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  • range panel
  • Figure 1 - Range Interface

Purpose: Use this interface to set fringe and Iso-surface ranges.


  • rbs Dynamic - A set of min/max ranges is computed for each time state
  • rb Static - A constant min/max range is computed using all time states
  • rb User - Range set by user, enter min/max values below
  • rb Show - Show elements within the range entered below

  • rb Entire Model - Range computed for entire model
  • rbs Active Part only - Range computed for active parts only
  • rb Active Elements only - Range computed for active elements only

 Assign current range to user min/max

  • Avg: Element to node averaging scheme
  • None - Fringe with element values
  • Nodal - Fringe with nodal values
  • MinMax - Fringe with average (mean) of Min and Max element values attached to a node. This shows gradients better than with pure averaging (which tends to smooth the gradient).
 Unblank elements that are blanked out of range

  • cbc Palette - Reverse the fringe color palette
  • cb Blank range - Blank all elements with values outside the user defined range
  • cb Show active min/max - Show min and max values for region - use Zin to define
  • cb Ident Min - Identify first N minimum values
  • cb Max - Identify first N maximum values

  • No. min/max entities: Enter number of min/max values to be identified (N)
  • cbc Lower - Set Limit fringe color map to lower user range
  • cb Upper - set limit fringe color map to upper user range
  • cb Set Iso Range - Set Isosurface range values independently

  • Level: Select or enter number of color in the fringe palette

 Open fringe color palette
  • rbs Max - Set fringe color for maximum of range
  • rb Min - Set fringe color for minimum of range
  • rb Hue - Use slider bar to set Hue color value
  • rb Gray - Use slider bar to set Gray shade value

 Apply current palette to the fringe plot
 Reset fringe palette to default values
 Save fringe color palette to a file
 Load fringe color palette from a file
 Exit the Fringe Color Palette
 Update range settings
 Exit Set Fringe Range interface

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